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Our 24-hour Call Centre controls all our operations round the clock

Car Parks are monitored via the CCTV and we can communicate with drivers in all our car parks. Remote access into all our car parks allow our Customer Service agents to assist parkers at all times.

Dispatching of technicians, enforcement officers using our high-end software tracks the nearest available person to attend to any needs.

If your business requires 24-hours Customer Service assistance, we can support your needs.

If you want to know more, contact us here.

Our team are always there to keep an eye on customers, providing 24/7 assistance and support while they are using your parking facilities

Our specially trained operators monitor what’s happening at your car park in real-time and regularly monitor system messages and CCTV feeds to proactively help parkers if they appear to need assistance of any kind

Our control centre staff are able to directly assist parking customers with most issues. However, if on-site support is required, our team are able to dispatch are on-site roving officer who can attend the site to assist