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Our in-house premium valet service team can serve your VIP customers, visitors and staff and add commercial value to your business.

Wilson Parking has been a trusted valet service provider for established organisations such as Singapore General Hospital, Goodwood Park and other hotels and malls. We have an experienced team of valet drivers who are well-trained in handling challenging situations and providing top-notch front-line service.

We conduct training in handling of different models of luxury cars. Insurance coverage is borne by us and all our valets are company employees.

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Premium service with a personal touch

With experience of working across several high-profile car parks including hotels, real estate and commercial properties, our dedicated team provides a professional and courteous service

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Maximise occupancy and best use of space

Our highly trained and professional valet staff control vehicle movements, greet customers, provide premium customer service assistance and stack car parks where needed in order to maximise occupancy